The Divine Journey: A Painter's Mission

Vermont Artist Janet McKenzie is challenging the traditional iconography of sacred art in her paintings depicting images of Jesus, Mary and other Christian figures. By using the forms of women and people of color she is expanding the diversity of culture, race and gender into the iconography of religious art historically dominated by images of males and light skin.

In 2016, McKenzie was commissioned by Harvard Memorial Church to create a painting for the renovated student and common space on the ground level of the historic church. The painting, “The Divine Journey – The Companions of Love and Hope” is the result of more than six months of work in her small studio in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.... Read more about The Divine Journey: A Painter's Mission

Reflections on the Mission: Rooted in the Good News of Jesus Christ

Reflections on the Mission

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of articles that will consider the meaning and implications of the Memorial Church’s new mission statement.

By Lucy A. Forster-Smith

During the 2014-15 academic year, the Memorial Church staff and seminarians took up the task of crafting a mission statement for the church. Centered on the ironies and tensions incumbent in the life of a University Church, our mission is articulated in terms that clarify, challenge, and call us to consider the rich inheritance we are privileged to hold — and to step forward into a future that is bold in our service to the University.  
... Read more about Reflections on the Mission: Rooted in the Good News of Jesus Christ

Welcome to Fall Term 2015

By Jonathan L. Walton

Jonathan L. Walton

Friends of the Memorial Church Community,

I bring you warm greetings from the farmland of eastern North Carolina. My annual retreat from Cambridge to Carolina has been filled with wonderful books, daily walks to the fishing pond, and, most importantly, precious time with family. I also had the privilege of sailing along the Mediterranean as a lecturer for the Harvard Alumni Association’s travel adventure Voyage to the Lands of Gods and Heroes.... Read more about Welcome to Fall Term 2015