Black Student Ministries

Black Student Ministries at the Memorial Church of Harvard University

Black Student Ministries at the Memorial Church of Harvard University is a newly created student organization that provides a multi-denominational worship experience drawing deeply from the richness and diversity of Black Church traditions. Our Spirit-led worship services and passionate faith community seeks to provide a space of grace, acceptance, restoration, and inspiration for all Black students at Harvard. Our space is one that unequivocally affirms that all Black Lives Matter.

Black Student Ministries desires to have a strong presence and to positively impact our campus through preaching, teaching, and weekly fellowship. Through the ministry of proclamation, praise, and prayer, we hope to offer a place of worship where all can experience the power and presence of God through Jesus in an authentic atmosphere of acceptance, love, and grace.

Contact Seminarian Aric Flemming at for additional information or questions.

Upcoming Black Student Ministry Events and Services