MemChurch Zones

To support a variety of activities, the Memorial Church has designated zones for specific activities throughout the building. Whether you need quiet reflection, to study, work with a group, take a snack break, or make a quick call, this guide will help you find out where it's okay to do so in the Memorial Church.

Collaboration Zone icon

Collaboration Zones (Ground level only)

Areas for working in groups or talking with others.

  • Student Oasis
  • Chai Maginn Room
  • Kitchen
  • G012 Conference Room
Food Zone icon

Food Zone (Ground level only)

The only areas where food and snacks are allowed.

  • Kitchen
  • Student Oasis


    Phone Zone icon

    Phone Zone (Ground level only)

    The only areas where talking on phones is permitted. Please keep ringers on silent.

    • Student Oasis
    • Chai Maginn Room
    • G012 Conference Room
    Quiet Zone icon

    Quiet Zones

    Areas for quiet reflection. Please keep noise to a minimum and take conversations to other zones.

    Note: stairwells and hallways are quiet zones, as sound in them carries to the Sanctuary, offices, and other spaces.

    • Sanctuary
    • Memorial Room
    • Appleton Chapel
    • Choir loft
    • Stairwells
    • Hallways