Student Deacons

Student deacons hand out palms to the congregation on Palm Sunday

Student Deacons, formerly known as Student Ushers, is an ecumenical Christian program involving both undergraduate and graduate students. The word "deacon" comes from the Greek word diákonos which means "servant-minister." We see it used in the Bible to identify early Christian leaders, like Stephen and Phoebe. The role of Student Deacon at the Memorial Church embodies the storied tradition of the term itself. Their service involves a ministry of hospitality and welcome during Sunday services and in the wider MemChurch community.

Additionally, being a Deacon gives students the opportunity to explore leadership, spiritual development, and formation within a Christian community. Deacons often participate in the wider religious life of the University, and thus aim to foster cooperation across other student groups.

Among the experiences and events offered to Student Deacons are:

  • Peer mentorships
  • Bible studies
  • Retreats
  • Service opportunities

To learn more about being a Student Deacon, please contact us at