Harvard University Choir

Music in the Memorial Church is provided by the Harvard University Choir (UChoir), whose members are undergraduate and graduate students in the University. For over 180 years the Harvard University Choir has provided a unique opportunity for student singers to perform great choral literature at the highest level, both in concert and during the services of the Memorial Church. A demanding, yet rewarding experience, the choir is regarded by many as the premier program in college chapel music in the United States. Each year the choir performs America's oldest Christmas Carol Services to packed congregations.

The choir is also a place for students to broaden their musical horizons, many as composers and conductors as well as singers, and provides a wonderful opportunity to meet other gifted musicians. Additionally, choir members receive private vocal lessons from distinguished teachers right in The Memorial Church. Due to the high level of sight-reading and vocal technique in the ensemble, rapport quickly develops within the choir and rehearsals are efficient, focused, and fun. The rehearsals, which last for 90 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, fit easily into most graduate and undergraduate academic schedules. The sense of community is also strengthened by pre-rehearsal coffee hours and post event parties, fostering friendships that last well beyond Harvard.

Please feel free to contact the Choir Secretaries Rena Cohen '22 and Sophie Choate ‘23 at uchoir@gmail.com with any questions about the audition process, singing with the choir, or music at Harvard more generally!


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