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The Church School at the Memorial Church provides a nurturing Christian environment and instruction for children ages 3–14. We view the childhood years as an exciting, optimistic time in life and feel privileged to be involved in the spiritual education of your children. We also understand that you have many questions about your child’s experience at Church School and your role in this experience. We hope that the following information will serve as a useful reference throughout your child’s enrollment.


The Church School differs from other programs offered by single denominational parishes. The affiliation of the Memorial Church, the church of Harvard University, is broadly Protestant and inter-denominational. Church School classes emphasize biblical themes and scripture, major components of Protestant worship, and Christian responsibility and service. Our curriculum is carefully planned to meet the spiritual, emotional, social, and cognitive needs of each child. We also aim to incorporate themes and stories from the main worship service upstairs into the Church School experience.

Class Structure

Children are grouped into classes according to age so that we may provide developmentally appropriate instruction—pre-k and kindergarten, 1st/2nd grade, 3rd/4th grade, and 5th/6th grade. Each Sunday, we begin with all children for a brief gathering time of music, worship, and/or a lesson from scripture. After this gathering time, the children break into their classes for small group discussion and age-appropriate crafts or activities that reinforce lessons from scripture. All children will come back together for refreshments and grace at the end of the small-group lessons.

The Church School also offers confirmation for students in grades 7–8 and is designed to guide students in the formation of their Christian identity and personal faith. Contact Church School Director, Westley (Wes) Conn at to register for this class, or for more information about Church School programs.


Arrival and Departure

Children attend Church School from roughly 11:15 a.m. — they transition from the worship service at “The Peace” — to the ending of Sunday service. Please be prompt in picking up your child at the conclusion of Sunday services. At departure time, parents should inform their child’s instructors that they are leaving with their children.

Family Involvement

As parents, you are the most vital component in your child's spiritual growth. We encourage you to have an active role in their faith formation by reinforcing themes that they learn about each Sunday. You may want to re-read passages from the Bible with your children and talk about their significance; alternatively, you may want to share your own perspectives or reinforce lessons with examples from your daily lives. Please sign up at the beginning of Fall and Spring Terms for your family's turn to bring in healthy snacks/drinks [e.g. fruit, vegetables, bagels, crackers, juices] for the gathering of all children in the Buttrick Room at the conclusion of class.

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