A Return to In-Person Worship

The Rev. Matthew PottsThe Rev. Matthew Ichihashi Potts, Ph.D, Pusey Minister in the Memorial Church, Plummmer Professor of Christian Morals, Faculty of Divinity. Photo by Stephaine Mitchell, Harvard Gazette.

Dear friends,

I write to you from the undercroft of the Memorial Church, excited to meet you and to greet you here soon. Although we at the church are concerned about the continuing pandemic, we so look forward to the return of in-person worship and the return of our students to campus at end of this month. We are committed to resuming our life together in this sacred place, and to doing so safely, as the fall term gets underway.

Things will be a bit different when we return. Some of the details of our worship life will be altered to accommodate pandemic restrictions. Some of our programming will be adjusted to keep everyone safe. More information on the practices we will embrace to keep one another safe will be forthcoming. But what I hope you find entirely familiar will be the love and openness and welcome with which we intend to fill our church each day. Indeed, this will be our theme for the year: welcome. We will welcome new students to our community. We will welcome returning students to their campus. We will welcome friends old and new to our sanctuary. We will welcome new staff members to the church. And, as ever, we will welcome all who are lost or lonely or needy into our midst. You all have so graciously welcomed me and my family. We can’t wait to return the favor.

Blessings and peace to you in what remains of the summer. Welcome back to the Memorial Church!

With love, gratitude, and every good wish,


The Rev. Matthew Ichihashi Potts, Ph.D.
Pusey Minister in the Memorial Church
Plummer Professor of Christian Morals
Faculty of Divinity


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