Church Launches Love United Black Fellowship

The Rev. Calvon T. Jones joined the clergy at the Memorial Church in September as Assistant Minister. In preparation of the launch of the Church's new ministry, Love United Black Fellowship, Jones talks about his faith, his background and what he wants to bring to the Memorial Church.

By Jeffrey Blackwell
Memorial Church Communications

A new ministry of the Memorial Church is launching this Sunday. The Love United Black Fellowship will hold services beginning at 3 p.m. in the sanctuary, with the hope of creating a new tradition at the heart of Harvard Yard.

The ministry will be led by the Rev. Calvon T. Jones, who joined the clergy at the Church in September. The Yale Divinity School graduate interned and worked as a youth minister at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago before coming to Harvard. He is currently seeking his Doctorate of Ministry at Duke University.

“Calvon is a talented and experienced pastor and we are so grateful to have his gifts with us at MemChurch.” said the Rev. Matthew I. Potts Ph.D. ’13, Pusey Minister in the Memorial Church, Plummer Professor of Christian Morals, and Faculty of Divinity. “The Love United Black Fellowship promises to become an integral part of the ministry of this community, and we can’t wait to see how it grows and transforms and blesses us.”

The new ministry will focus on the traditions and customs of Africa and the African Diaspora. It will provide a program of theological conversations, engaging activities, spoken word and musical moments, fellowship and worship. The ministry seeks to curate a welcoming space for persons of color in the Harvard community.

“We are so grateful that we are launching the Love United Black Fellowship where people across Harvard and the surrounding community will be able to come to the Memorial Church to worship in a way that is familiar to their tradition,” said Jones. “It’s about reaching everyone and making sure everyone feels welcomed and loved.”

The Rev. Jones said he feels embraced by the church community. In February, his first sermon in the Memorial Church received an ovation from the congregation. As director of the Church School for Children, he is also working to build a bond with children and parents in the youth program conducted during worship services each Sunday. A series of videos posted on YouTube is one of the innovations he brought to the program from Trinity. The videos feature a lesson from the Bible punctuated by music and discussions using hand puppets.

Much of the music is written and performed by Jones. He is also the voices of all the puppets.

“I love singing. Singing is cathartic for me, and has saved my life in so many ways,” said Jones, who recently released an album called “I Won’t Let Go.” “My family is full of singers, musicians, preachers, and growing up in the church my mom just put me on the drums, put me on the organ, and a lady named Mrs. Betty May Key, our youth sponsor, just gave me the mic and said ‘sing.’ And when I sang, I felt like the weight of the world was released.”

A set schedule for the Love United Black Fellowship is in development. A second service is expected in April. For information contact the Rev. Calvon Jones at