Student Advisory Board

The Memorial Church Student Advisory Board was formed in 2014 to empower Harvard students to shape how the church serves the spiritual and intellectual needs of students through their Harvard journey.

The Memorial Church Student Advisory Board advises the Interim Pusey Minister on an array of issues affecting the student experience at MemChurch. Representatives from the different student groups internal to and affiliated with MemChurch constitute the Board, which meets monthly. Students are expected to bring the concerns of peers, propose ideas for improving student engagement, and engage in efforts to enrich the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the student population. In addition to monthly meetings, the board also participates in social outings such as overnight retreats and local adventures.


Provide a forum to privilege the concerns of students while cultivating connections among those who participate in different aspects of MemChurch.

The Board seeks to encourage continuity and extend the rich traditions of MemChurch while remaining attuned to the emerging sentiments of an ever-changing and diverse population.  We aim to enhance the mission of MemChurch and extend its space of grace by fostering a sense of belonging in a community that is prayerful yet playful, challenging yet comforting, and intimate yet never exclusive.  

SAB Members 2020-2021

Lawrence Jia

Lawrence Jia '23

Student Advisory Board
Student Deacon
Hi! I am a resident of Mather House studying applied mathematics, economics, and history. At MemChurch I serve on the Student Advisory Board and as a student... Read more about Lawrence Jia '23