Chamber Music Concert


Sunday, March 26, 2017, 7:00pm to 9:00pm


The Memorial Church Sanctuary


Come join members of the Harvard Baroque Chamber Orchestra on March 26 for an evening of chamber music! This year marks the 250th anniversary of Georg Philipp Telemann's death, and there are few things that baroque musicians love more than celebrating dead composers. So in anticipation of our full orchestral concert in April, which honors Telemann and some of his surprisingly famous god-children (google it), members of HBCO have formed smaller chamber groups to present music both by and inspired by GPT. Telemann's ridiculously prolific career took him all across Europe, and he influenced and was influenced by many styles and people - ranging from Polish counts to Neapolitan diplomats to the musicians in his home court of Hamburg. Join us as we follow him across Europe!

Telemann: Paris Quartet in G Minor 
Ethan Lin, Perry Emerson Saskia Keller, Christopher Grills

Bach: Trio sonata in G Major, BWV 1038
Martin Bernstein, Danilo Bonina, Andrew Koutroubas, Christopher Grills

Telemann: Concerto in C 
Ken Allen, Veronica Koven-Matasy, Jayme Kurland, Hayley Murks-Abdikadirova

Berberi: Trio sonata 
Nelli Jabotinsky, William Joo, Benjamin Rechel, Albano Berberi

CPE Bach: Trio in C Major, Wq 149
Sarah Paysnick, Sarah Darling, Christopher Grills

Bach: Ermuntre dich, der Heiland klopft (BWV 180)
Andy Troska, Perry Emerson, Phoebe Carrai, Christopher Grills

Bach: Die Seele ruht in Jesu Händen (BWV 127)
Emily Bishai, Perry Emerson, Adam Buttyan, Shishi Zhou, Phoebe Carrai, Christopher Grills

Telemann: Wer ist, der dort von Edom kommt 
Fred Metzger, Shishi Zhou, Phoebe Carrai, Christopher Grills

Gabrieli: Duo 
Christopher Chen, Adam Frim 

Telemann: Concerto in D 
Shishi Zhou, Selena Zhang, Nader Shayegh, Hallie Smith

Telemann: Canonic Sonata in D Minor
Abigail Swidler, Sarah Darling

Cazzati: Chaconne 
Emily Hale, Danilo Bonina, Andrew Koutroubas, Albano Berberi