Ministry Fellow

Outside the Walls: Lessons from Our Peer Institutions

By the Rev. Alanna Copenhaver 

This academic year I had the privilege of visiting some of our peer institutions — such as Williams College, Yale University, and Duke University — to learn about their student ministries and engagement strategies. My time with colleagues was valuable and insightful as I learned about their robust and attentive student-centered and student-driven programming.   Read more about Outside the Walls: Lessons from Our Peer Institutions

From the Ministry Fellow

By Alanna Copenhaver

Alanna CopenhaverIt has been an exciting fall in the life of Memorial Church. With the start of the new academic year, our building is abuzz with activity — organ and choir practice, MemCafé, storytelling hours, and fellowship meals. The Ministerial Staff often talks about our shared vision of increasing student participation inside of our walls and this flurry of activity is invigorating! 

One area of committed student engagement has been the Grants Committee. For over twenty years, students and congregants have come together to support the work of non-profit charity organizations that serve the Greater Boston Area. Here students build lasting relationships with longtime Harvard community members. When the committee meets to discuss grant applications, lively discussions happen about how we live out Jesus’s call to love our neighbors, what does social justice look like in our world, and how is this different from charity?  Read more about From the Ministry Fellow