July 2020

Building up the Wheat

Iowa farm fieldSermon by the Rev. Dudley C. Rose, Associate Dean for Ministry Studies and Lecturer on Ministry, Harvard Divinity School; Affiliated Minister in the Memorial Church, July 19, 2020. Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Blackwell/Memorial Church Communications



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The Summons

The Rev. Alanna C. Sullivan preaches at Sunday ServicesSermon by the Rev. Alanna C. Sullivan, Associate Minister, Memorial Church of Harvard University, July 05, 2020. (File photo by Jeffrey Blackwell/Memorial Church Communications)


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Greater Boston and National Resources

Sometimes seeking help from a resource focused on a particular type of loss, or a specific shared identity group is helpful. The following list includes resources within and outside the Boston area. It may provide a starting point in navigating your own healing and coping process.

Sometimes, it is helpful to seek support for your particular loss or within groups organized around a shared identity. Here are some more specific resources. This is not an exhaustive list, we hope that it may provide a starting point for you as you navigate your own process...

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