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From the Professor's Desk

By Professor Jonathan L. Walton

Easter 2016 at the Memorial Church

When Harvard University nominated the Reverend Frederic Dan Huntington to be the first Plummer Professor of Christian Morals and Preacher to the University in April, 1855, his parishioners at the South Congregational Church were none too pleased. Members sent Rev. Huntington a twenty page letter objecting to this anomalous new appointment of hybrid preacher and professor. Few believed that true ministry could take place within the comfortable confines of Harvard College. Accepting this position, they asserted, was simply a way for their pastor to evade the demands of a real congregation.... Read more about From the Professor's Desk

Welcome to Fall Term 2015

By Jonathan L. Walton

Jonathan L. Walton

Friends of the Memorial Church Community,

I bring you warm greetings from the farmland of eastern North Carolina. My annual retreat from Cambridge to Carolina has been filled with wonderful books, daily walks to the fishing pond, and, most importantly, precious time with family. I also had the privilege of sailing along the Mediterranean as a lecturer for the Harvard Alumni Association’s travel adventure Voyage to the Lands of Gods and Heroes.... Read more about Welcome to Fall Term 2015

Happy New Year!

By Jonathan L. Walton

South Africa

Greetings from Pretoria, South Africa!

I am kicking off 2015 in this beautiful country with over a dozen Harvard College students in the township of Mamelodi. For the past seven years, students from Christian Impact and Athletes in Action have partnered with the University of Pretoria community in order to provide a college preparatory program for local high school students. The program has been a great success by all metrics. This is true, in part, due to amazing young women and men from Harvard who are willing to raise necessary travel funds, sacrifice their J-Term, and teach courses in ethical leadership, community development, and language arts for three weeks. Their work has helped to diversify the University of Pretoria across color and class lines by increasing the pool of potential students throughout the township.... Read more about Happy New Year!