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A Central Site of Human Connection

By Jonathan L. Walton

Professor Jonathan L. WaltonHigher education is being transformed. Technological innovation has both expanded and displaced traditional notions of the classroom,

A Rich Musical Term

By Edward E. Jones

The Harvard University ChoirWe have had another rich Term musically in the Memorial Church, and as I reflect upon the past year, I am delighted with the work of

Warm Welcome

By Lucy Forster-Smith

Lucy Forster-SmithI arrived in January to my new position as Sedgwick Chaplain to the University and Senior Minister in the Memorial Church in a blizzard.

Spiritual Nourishment

By Alanna Copenhaver

Pancake Breakfasts at MemChurchLast August I met with Professor Walton to interview for the Ministry Fellow position at the Memorial Church. During our meeting, he told me about