Seminarian Voices: Being the Church

By Patrick Jackson MDiv II

Matthew 25:34-40 says

34 “Then the King will say to those on His right, ‘Come, you who are blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. 35 For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in;36 naked, and you clothed Me; I was sick, and you visited Me; I was in prison, and you came to Me.’ 37 

Seminarian Voices: To the Edge of the Margin and Back

By Danny Ballon MTS II

Expanding the Boundaries of Christian Inclusivity 

On the weekend of September 27, 2015, the Memorial Church at Harvard was blessed to host the illustrious Rev. Dr. Yvette A. Flunder, Founder and Senior Pastor of City of Refuge United Church of Christ in Oakland, California, and Presiding Bishop of The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries. Bishop Flunder is a dynamic preacher and captivating storyteller — as anyone who listened to her Sunday morning sermon can attest to.

Seminarian Voices: Making Meaning

By Westley Conn MDiv II

This summer, I had the pleasure of serving as Seminarian at Fourth Presbyterian Church in South Boston. In addition to preaching and leading mid-week worship services, I took part in regular Bible studies. One particular topic was King’s Solomon’s dedication of the Temple (1 Kings 8: 4–26). The text begins with a vivid description of the priests bringing the Ark of the Covenant into the Temple and ends with Solomon’s prayer for the Temple.

Seminarian Voices: Capitalism, Character, and Harvard's View from Below

By Adam Vander Tuig MDiv III

As with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the Harvard Campaign’s moments of highest drama have also centered upon a man’s extravagant remarks, at his view from above, buoyed by his incomprehensible wealth. “I’m really rich,” conveys both campaigns, on repeat, as if neither can help but express much otherwise.